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Project Startup Consulting

Startup can be the most difficult and potentially dangerous phase of an object-oriented project. Decisions must be made regarding project process, object-oriented analysis and design methodology, OOA&D toolsets, development toolsets, staffing levels and staff training. A misstep here can significantly affect the productivity of the development team and hence the delivery dates. We can help by assisting your project manager with these all important decisions based on our years of systems delivery experience. We can also lead proof of concept efforts to select toolsets prior to actual project startup. This will enable a small sub-team to gain valuable experience while determining the suitability of the various tools to your situation.

Architecture Design Service

The application of the right combination of the best available technologies is the key to delivering a system that exceeds your user’s requirements.  We can assist your project team in evaluating technological choices in light of the application requirements.  Some of the technologies that you should be considering are:

  • Object-oriented development environments (Smalltalk, Ruby)
  • Active object databases, a.k.a. application servers (GemStone)
  • Standards-based legacy interfaces (CORBA, EDI)
  • Peer to peer comunications (CORBA, RMI, DST)
  • Browser-based thin client deployment

Additionally, the following more traditional architectural issues continue to play an important role in today’s systems.

  • Synchronization with relational databases
  • File-based legacy interfaces
  • Proprietary system interfaces
Implementation Assistance

Whether your project has been under way for several months, or is about to commence, it’s all too easy to find yourself short of resources with the correct skill mix. We can help solve this problem is two ways. First, we can provide on-site mentoring of your staff so that they can complete their assigned tasks on schedule. Second, we can participate as a team member on your project team. Our consultants are often assigned the most technically challenging portions of a system, with excellent results. A mixture of these two roles is also possible since one or the other might not be full time.